C100 Plus ULV Cold Fogger.

What is ULV?

  • Ultra Low Volume
  • Cold fog formed of tiny droplets (5-50 microns)
  • Disinfection, biological and pest control
  • Optimum Volume Medium Diameter (VMD) to target germs and insects (20 Microns)
  • Droplets float in the air for around 10 minutes after application

Fully Adjustable Droplet Size (5-50 microns)
ü 2 Speed Control


  1. Most Powerful fogger in the market.
  2. 800 hours guaranteed motor uptime
  3. Up to 8 metres (visible) and 10 metres (invisible) spray distance.
  4. Quick and Efficient Treatments (150 m² = 2 min)
  5. Water & Oil Based Solutions (0-12pH)


Do it right the first time! Do it right the first time!! Do it right the first time!!!