Chameleon Vega.

The Chameleon® Vega is the latest addition to the award-winning Chameleon range of UV fly control units manufactured by PestWest. Its revolutionary design is based on new slimline technology making the Vega a stylish, powerful and economical fly trap. Its elegant and ultra-slim design combined with an all stainless steel or white all-metal construction will suit most environments. It features new higher energy efficient UVA tubes with Reflectobakt® technology powered by a state of the art electronic ballast to deliver efficient fly control with low running costs. The slimness and style of the Chameleon Vega is achieved thanks to the latest generation of UVA tubes, which offers improved UVA performance as well as a reduction in glass content. The absence of starters and the unique self-holding mechanism of the front guard contribute to the overall ease and speed of servicing.

Do it right the first time! Do it right the first time!! Do it right the first time!!!