Rodent Control

Lately, reports revealed that certain species of rodents causes Lassa fever (a disease caused by the rats’ excreta) which has led to death of some people. ?

How can rodents menace be controlled to protect valuable life of your staffs and properties?

This question gives rise to effective rodent control through usage of RAT BAIT STATIONS for continuous rodent control in and around your properties.

HOW IT WORKS: The bait stations are quite effective, tamper resistant and versatile, can perform credibly well in both indoor and outdoor control of rodents.

The stations are placed in a secure place along the path way of the rodents with preferred baits inside the station. We have different range which can use a trap, blocks bait or glue boards. The bait blocks, glue board or traps will be purchased separately.

AF Rat Box for Rodents Control.

  • All common formulations can be used allowing a wide choice of rodenticides.
  • Metal bait rod will hold the most popular bait blocks securely in place.
  • Detachable lid for ease of servicing and record keeping.
  • Removable lid makes cleaning easier. Unique locks for added security.

AF Atom Bait Station

  • This small and compact, stackable rat bait box offers a high quality, affordable alternative to .larger bait boxes.
  • Versatile - can use a trap, a drinker or blocks baits either vertically or horizontally.
  • Removable lid for ease of inspection & record keeping.

AF Snappa Mouse trap

  • A mouse bait station designed to trap mice using a Snap-E mouse trap so that the body of mouse is not visible once trapped, discreet for food areas. See-through lid available. .
  • Fingers can't get inside the box - added safety
  • A label can be affixed to the inside of lid - aiding record keeping
  • Inspection slot enables you to see at a glance if the trap has been activated - ideal for inspections



Trapper T-Rex

A quick set trap that can be used with one hand. It has a removable bait cup to increase safety and ease of servicing. The open end should be placed towards the wall where the mice run, so that they enter from front or sides..





AF Advance Mouse Box

  • Larger and more enticing to mice. Protected lock enhancing tamper resistance.
  • Optional extra liner available for loose grain bait, wax and liquid bait
  • Optional bait rods to secure pasta baits
  • New user- friendly locking system with the universal AF stainless steel key
  • Detachable lid for ease of servicing and record keeping



Electronic Mouse Trap

The Electronic Mouse Trap offers fast, efficient and effective mouse control. The trap delivers a high-voltage shock that humanely kills mice in seconds with zero escapes. A set of 4 “AA” batteries (not included) provides enough power to kill 100 mice..



Electronic Rat Trap

  • Kills 50 rats per each per set of 4C batteries.
  • High voltage shock kills rats and mice in seconds
  • Easy to use - simply bait, turn on, and empty


Do it right the first time! Do it right the first time!! Do it right the first time!!!s