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Providing Pest Management related Services with excellence, world class standard and best practises. Maintaining a pest-free environment without endangering any beneficial biotic factor.

The idea is to keep pest population at levels where they do not constitute a threat to human being, his properties and the environment he lives in.

Through experience, we observed that mistakes of not doing it right the first time could be costly, hence, we have this slogan which has become part of our business “Do it right the first time”. The company has a crop of result oriented personnel’s.

By the experience over years her equipped to establish the right type of treatment necessary for each peculiar condition.

We have a wide range application equipments for the application of environmentally friendly pesticides recognised internationally for its efficacy and safety to man. This includes Motorised Sprayer, Fogging Machine, Knapsack and Hand sprayers.

Pest Solutions

To provide non chemical products for control of Insect-pests and a One-stop shop for Pest Management Practitioners, Public Health Sectors, Institutions and General Public through our partnership with product manufacturers, representing them in Nigeria for distribution locally and to neighboring West Africa Countries.

Such companies are:

  • Unichem, is a renowned European company that develops, manufactures, registers and markets a wide range of highly effective pest control products, for the protection against Rodents and Insects in and around buildings (household and industrial environments).
  • Unichem produce various forms of rodenticides branded as RATIMOR and also numerous insecticides known by the name EFFECT for many markets across the globe.
  • Earth Care Products, manufacturer of odor remover products made from all natural mineral, non toxic, non hazardous, non-caustic, and biodegradable. Safe around children and pets. It absorbs odors like a sponge, no fragrance, no cover ups.
  • Vector Fog Experts in fogging Technology.

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