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The Chem-Lock Dual Chemical Transport Box

Key Features

  • The box and lid are made from specifically formulated thermoplastic to be super strong and chemical resistant and coloured green.
  • The compound provides a wide spectrum of chemical resistance making the box lightweight and with significant impact and tensile strength.
  • A permanent bond is achieved using a replaceable high ACN nitrile rubber seal selected for its high resistance to chemicals, particularly solvents that are sometimes present in pesticides.
  • Secure locking: The DUAL box has a lockable lid using detachable hinges and 3 over centre latches with a padlocking facility.
  • The box will accommodate 6 x 5 litre containers when not using gassing agents.
  • Lightweight at only 7kg
  • No risk of corrosion issues and no risk of producing Hydrogen gas as with steel boxes
  • Can be used in combination with the Chem-Lock PEST PARTNER box, the DUAL will accommodate 2 of these so provides a double fume protection. Please note when using gassing compounds, other chemical compounds must not be carried within the same storage box.
  • Easy to carry with moulded handles at both ends of the box.


The Chem-Lock DUAL Transport box is designed to accommodate up to 6 x 5 Litre containers when not using gassing agents, it is made from specifically formulated thermoplastic meaning it is extremely tough, chemical resistant, fire retardant and weighs only 7kg.


Size: external dimensions 560 mm x 390 mm x 445 mm
Box weight when empty: 7Kg
Box carrying capacity: 30 Litres


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